How to Track a Cell Phone

How to Track a Cell Phone

The era in which we live in has been commonly referred to as the digital era. We are truly becoming a society which is ever-more reliant on technology, with particular emphasis on mobile phones. Mobile phones are far more a part of life than they were 10 years ago, with capacity for e-mailing, internet browsing, accessing maps and making bank transfers. What then, do we do, if our cell phone goes missing? We’ve put together a short guide on how to GPS track a phone if, somehow, it has gone AWOL.

1) Tracking Software to Install Before You Lose It.

It is inevitable. At some point in your life, you will very likely lose your phone. Thus, you should prepare for this day well in advance, so that there is a comprehensive plan in place if it does go missing.

One of the best free softwares available for all smartphones is Prey, an open-source application that can help track your lost phone. After syncing this application to your phone, you are effectively finished. If your phone goes missing, do not worry, simply log in to the nearest computer and track the phone down. This app runs exclusively in the background, so your privacy is not compromised whilst the phone is in your hands.

There are many examples of this software around. Be sure to read about how this works on Wikipedia and if you want to try one, you must see PlacePop’s StealthGenie review and also their own SpyBubble review over there.

2) Tracking Your Phone After You’ve Lost it

OK, so you’re here because you’ve lost your phone and didn’t follow the instructions above beforehand. Don’t worry, it is still perfectly possible to locate your phone and recover it.

If you are using an Android, download an application aptly named Plan B. Your phone may be gone, but you can still log in to your Google account on the nearest computer and install the app via Google Play. The app will download to your phone, and then neatly send an e-mail to your Gmail account with a detailed location of your phone. Note however, that your phone must be switched on for this service to work, so if you’ve lost your Android phone, then act fast!

phone 4iPhone users have access to the popular Find My iPhone application. As long as you have iOS 5 or above, your phone will already have this app installed. If not, don’t worry, simply borrow someone’s iDevice, install the app, and log in with your iCloud ID. Once you’ve done this, the location of your phone will be indicated on a handy map. A great feature of Find My iPhone is that you can set an alarm off on your device, which serves two purposes – it can identify its whereabouts when nearby, or can deter thefts to using your phone.

The above guides hopefully offer some reassurance to those who have lost their phone. Do not worry, all is not lost, follow our simple steps outlined above and you will be reunited with your handset in no time!

iPhone Tracker To Protect Your Interests

This software works exactly like a personal destruct series. But you must know that this action cannot be reversed so if you are not sure where you left your cell phone, better track it down before using this security option. Before using it because your phone might be placed under your pillow and if you will use this application you won’t be able to retrieve anything from it later, think twice. You cell phone will be in the iOS operating system. You must read about thPlacePop cell phone tracking software. They also have their own Stealthgenie review for a case study of this.


Wondering about the opportunity of tracking mobile phones? The truth is there are thousands of cellular phones simply being spied on at the moment, (researching the market demonstrates roughly 89,000 ) Additionally you could speculate how is this achievable? Using the boost of applications for mobile phone devices (specially the android and iPhone together with the iPhone app retailers) arrived a number of businesses that have launched spying equipment that are widely used to privately take control an additional persons mobile phone.

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If you are serious about keeping your kids being safe, it’s worth the effort, though using all these tools will take some time as you have to install and configure them. The smartphone could be a true blessing along with a curse all at one time, therefore you should choose how a lot security the kids require, and put it on because the require develops.

There are things that may challenge the parents love for their children especially if they will have to decide on the things that can bring convenience and at the same time become a possible cause of worry. Cell phones are crucial equipment and is particularly just around the parents to ensure that any feasible cause of stress is going to be eradicated. To test one of these kinds of software, you may read PlacePop’s SpyToMobile review here. It also works on Android phones just like how MobiStealth works! It’s the best cell phone tracker out there right now.

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